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Cloud domains-hosting means that there are a number of servers that are a part of the setup, and each website get to enjoy a server that best suits them. If there are any issues on one server the website domain is shifted to the other functional domain host and there is no interference in the website flow. In case of shared domain hosting, there are many clients to a server and hence if one website has a lot of traffic the other websites on the same server are going to die down. This is the major problem that used to occur and the concept of cloud hosting was born.


In the shared cloud hosting, there are a number of servers that work together as one entity and in case one server falters there are others to take on the load. The uptime that the server has to offer us immaculate. There are no issues with regards to the uptime because there are dedicated servers and the load is shared. in case of traditional shared domain hosting, the whole burden is on a single server and hence there is no shared loading.

There is no usage limits in shared cloud domain hosting because there are a group of servers that are working as a single entity. In the traditional shared hosting, there is a limit to the space the website can enjoy and hence if the usage increases the set limits, the business would end up paying more than their share and there might be even penalties in some cases.

Shared cloud hosting is far more secure than the traditional shared domain hosting, the major reason is that cloud hosting uses a number of servers and each sever serves as a dedicated server and hence there are necessary protection taken to prevent any mishap. In case of traditional shared server there are a lot of threats that might exist because many businesses have the shared server for their websites.

Cloud Sharing has comparably higher speed than the traditional sharing. There is only one server and hence the load is shared and this hampers the speed of the server. In case of shared cloud hosting there are many servers and hence the speed is not affected and the customers can enjoy the perfect desired speed of the websites.

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